9.23. Straight Forecast Double

  1. A Straight Forecast Double is a bet where you choose 4 selections in two events (2 selections in each of events). In both events your selections must finish 1st and 2nd in the correct order. A computer generated straight forecast dividend is declared on each of the races (see Help, 9.18.2). In order to get a return you must pick both the first and second placed selections in the correct order in each race.
  2. Bet returns are calculated by multiplying the two dividends together, which gives the return for a €1 unit stake. The final payout is then calculated by multiplying this figure by your unit stake placed.

    For example:

    You place a €0.50 bet on a Straight Forecast Double

    If the two dividends were €11.50 and €7.00

    The return for a €1 Straight Forecast Double is calculated as 11.50 x 7.00 = €80.50

    Therefore, a successful €0.50 Straight Forecast Double would return

    €80.50 x 0.50 = €40.25

Last Modified Date: 17/04/2018