7.5. Ante-Post Betting

Horse & Greyhound Racing

  1. Ante-post prices are those offered on:
    • 1) Horse Racing prior to the final declaration stage;
    • 2) Greyhound events up to and including the semi-final stage.

      Any bets placed after the semi-finals or on a single race event will be settled on an early price ‘Non-runner, no bet’ basis and Tattersalls' Rule 4(c) will be applied in the event of a non-runner.
  2. Ante-post bets are accepted ‘All in Run or Not, Entered or Not’. Stakes are lost on an ante-post bet if a selection does not take part. No Tattersalls' Rule 4(c) deductions are made from winning bets, except in the circumstances of rule 1 part (ii) above.
  3. If a race is postponed to another day:
    • 1) Ante-post bets placed before the entries have closed will stand and will only be made void if:
      a. the race is abandoned or made void;
      b. a horse is balloted out under Jockey Club Rules of racing;
      c. the venue is altered.
    • 2) Ante-post bets placed after the entries have closed will be void, except when:
      a. the race is run later, at the same venue;
      b. the entries are not re-opened;
      c. the running surface is not altered (e.g. Turf to Dirt/All Weather or vice versa).
  4. Ante-post bets are settled at the price and place terms applicable at the time a bet is accepted. Should obviously incorrect price or place terms be given in error (such as where the price is materially different from those available in the general market or clearly incorrect given the chance of the event happening at the time a bet was placed), we reserve the right to settle the bet at the correct price or place terms that were available at the time the bet was made.
  5. Where the same selection is backed to win two or more ante-post events in an accumulator bet, a special combined price will apply irrespective of their individual prices at the time. Where no special combined price is available (e.g. a horse to win a Guineas trial and the Guineas) settlement will be based on the first available odds after each leg has been completed. If the website does not show a special combined price at the time a bet was placed, we reserve the right to amend the prices in accordance with these rules.
  6. If a horse is balloted out of a race, then all bets placed on that selection will be void, ante-post or otherwise.
  7. Marathonbet rules apply to all instances not covered by these special ante-post rules.

Sports Betting

  1. All ante-post sports bets are settled on a ‘Non-runner, No Bet’ basis. Stakes will be returned on competitors or teams who take no part in a tournament.
  2. The finishing position of competitors or teams at the end of a scheduled programme of matches will determine placings with no allowances for play-offs (except US sports), subsequent enquiries or point deductions by the respective leagues.
  3. Season long head-to-heads, handicaps etc. are based on the placings at the end of the scheduled programme of matches with no allowances for play-offs, subsequent enquiries or point deductions by the respective leagues. Where appropriate, the rules on that competition take precedence for head-to-head betting. For example, if goal difference affects league standings, then a head-to-head bet on two teams finishing with the same number of points will also be decided by goal difference. Handicap bets are calculated in accordance with the Rule 7.7.2 below.
  4. In US sports, the conference winner will be determined after the completion of the conference play-offs and not by the best record during the regular season.

Last Modified Date: 01/05/2020