7.3. Bet Settlement

  1. Bets are calculated using the prices quoted in fractions. Bets will default to being settled as win only, unless each-way is selected. If an each-way bet is inadvertently accepted on a win only market, or a decrease in the number of runners changes the place terms to win only, then the stakes for any each-way bets placed will all be applied on that selection to win (e.g. a €5 each-way bet will become €10 to win).
  2. The place odds for an each-way bet will be fixed at the time of acceptance and will be displayed on the website. The only exception to this is a horse race bet placed after the final declarations have been made, in which case the place terms applicable will be determined by the number of actual runners taking part. The place terms for any bet at SP will also be governed by the actual number of runners taking part. (see Horse & Greyhound racing sections for a detailed explanation of place terms).
  3. If a dead heat is declared in any event, half of the stake is applied to the selection at full odds and the other half is lost. If more than two selections dead heat, the stake is apportioned accordingly. This also applies to the place part of any event where the dead heat resulted in more selections being paid out as placed compared to the place odds determined when the bet was originally made.
  4. All early prices and some fixed-odds prices are subject to Tattersalls' Rule 4(c) (as explained in clause in the event of any non-runners. A Rule 4 would be where stakes are returned on a non-runner (e.g. A Golf Group bet). All ante-post bets taken on an ‘All in Run or Not’ basis will not be subject to a Rule 4 deduction, as bets on non-runner will be losers. See the Horse Racing section for more details on Rule 4 deductions. Should a horse be withdrawn without coming under orders in an early price race, stakes on that selection will be returned, with bets on other runners in the race subject to a deduction in accordance with Tattersalls' Rule 4(c). Should a greyhound be withdrawn in an early price race, all bets on that selection at an early price nominating either name or trap number will be void. Bets on remaining runners will be subject to Tattersalls' Rule 4(c), unless a reserve runs, in which case all bets will be settled at the starting price.
  5. Where a selection is made void, it will be treated as a non-runner for settlement purposes. For singles, bet stakes will be returned. For multiple bets, that selection will be treated as a non-runner, and the stake will be re-placed onto the remaining selections in that bet.
  6. Unless specifically advertised or displayed on the website, we do not accept Place Only bets without an equal Win bet, except for pari-mutuel bets on overseas horse racing. In any other circumstances, any Place Only stakes will be made void, win or lose.
  7. Settlements will be based on the information provided by the official sites of competitions and their organisers. Subsequent changes in results are disregarded for settlement purposes, excepting only obvious errors. If the official information sources don't contain the results of markets, settlement will be made on a consensus of identical information from several independent, recognised sources. Where there is still an absence of information regarding the results of a finished event or its individual markets 72 hours after the time that event was due to be completed, bets on that event or its individual markets will be void.
  8. On all horse racing markets, the weigh-in will define the official result. Any subsequent changes to the result after the weigh-in will not count for settlement purposes.
  9. Winnings will be credited back to a customer's account once a result has been finalised, and there will not be any changes under normal circumstances.
  10. Marathonbet reserves the right to recover any funds incorrectly credited to customer accounts and to adjust customer balances to rectify errors (for example, if a result was stated incorrectly).

Last Modified Date: 28/08/2020