7.7. Handicap & Asian Handicap/Total Betting

  1. Handicap—an advantage or disadvantage of a competitor or team, expressed in goals/points/games/seconds etc. which is given by Marathonbet to competitors or teams in specific competitions.
  2. When calculating a handicap bet, the handicap that has been given to the competitor or team is added to the total amount of goals/points/games/seconds etc. If the resulting calculation is in favour of your selection, then your handicap bet is considered winning, otherwise it is considered losing.

    If the result becomes a draw after considering the handicap, then:
    • 1) If there were no handicap draw odds offered, stakes on single bets will be returned. For multiple bets, including accumulators, that selection will be treated as a non-runner.
    • 2) If handicap draw odds were offered, then bets on a draw, taking into account the handicap, are winners. Bets on handicap wins for either selection are losers.
  3. Depending on the sport, handicap bets may be accepted for regular time, extra-time, overtime, penalty shootouts etc. Please familiarise yourself with the betting rules for each sport in section 8.

    Examples of handicap bets:
    • 1) You place a bet on Southampton (handicap +1.5). On the bet slip this will be displayed as: Southampton (+1.5) with the odds for this selection. You are betting on Southampton to win or draw or lose by not more than 1 goal. In such cases, your bet will be a winner. If Southampton lose by 2 goals or more, your bet loses.

      Assuming that Southampton lost 1:2, we add the +1.5 handicap, resulting in 2.5 for Southampton.
      Therefore, handicap bets on Southampton are winners.
    • 2) You place a bet on Barcelona (handicap -2.0). In the bet slip it will be displayed as: Barcelona (-2.0) with the odds for this selection. You are betting on Barcelona to win by at least 3 clear goals. If Barcelona draw or lose, or win with only 1 goal difference, your bet loses. If Barcelona wins by at least 2 clear goals (for example 3:1), then:
      a. if there were no handicap odds on a draw, stakes on single bets will be returned, and for multiple bets, including accumulators, that selection will be treated as a non-runner;
      b. if there were handicap odds on a draw available, and you had placed bet on Barcelona to win with a (-2.0) handicap, your bet will lose. Bets on a draw with a handicap of -2.0 will be winners.
  4. Double Asian handicaps and totals are bets where the stake is split into two equal parts. One part of the bet is on the whole number and the other part on the decimal number. A single price is offered for this bet. For example, if an Asian Handicap was offered as (-1.0, -1.5) and €100 was staked on this, €50 would be placed on the -1.0 handicap and €50 on the -1.5 handicap. Similarly, if an Asian Total Goals was offered as (over 3.0, 3.5) and €100 was staked, €50 would be placed on over 3.0 and €50 on over 3.5. Click here for more details.

Last Modified Date: 30/04/2020