2.4. Double Result (First Past the Post)

  1. The offer will only apply to win singles (or the win part of each-way singles) on horse racing in the UK and Ireland. Multiple bets will be settled on the official result only.
  2. We will pay out on both results if a winner is disqualified. This applies to the Win part of bets only, i.e. where we pay both on the official result and a disqualified winner subject to the following conditions.
  3. A double result will not be paid if a selection takes the wrong course, carries the wrong weight, the jockey fails to weigh in, the judge calls the wrong result or a race is declared void, or for any ante-post bet.
  4. The maximum stake for this concession is £200. For bets larger than this amount the concession will only apply to the first £200 of the stake. Any remaining stake will be settled in accordance with the official result.

Last Modified Date: 30/04/2020