2.6.1. Marathonbet Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions

The Marathonbet Loyalty Program (“Marathonbet Club”) is a promotional program that allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of the bonus catalogue in exchange for the points accumulated from your bets.

  1. By participating in this promotion, entrants accept and agree to be bound by these and any promotional specific terms and conditions, in addition to the terms and conditions on Marathonbet.co.uk.
  2. Your sports bets count towards the loyalty program from the moment you enrol, thus becoming a member of the Marathonbet Club. Based on the sports bets, you will be awarded loyalty points.
  3. Loyalty points are awarded only for qualifying sports bets.
  4. To qualify for the Marathonbet Club, a sports bet must contain these parameters:
    • stakes of at least £10 (or currency equivalent)
    • odds of at least 1.30
  5. Loyalty points are awarded only after a qualifying sports bet has been settled.
  6. Voided or cancelled bets will be settled at the odds of 1.00.
  7. Bets placed using Free Bets or Bonus Balance, as well as Cashed Out bets, do not qualify as qualifying bets for the awarding of loyalty points.
  8. Should you place multiple bets, only the lines within these bets that meet the above-mentioned criteria will qualify.
  9. The amount of points awarded for every £10 staked on qualifying bets (irrespective of whether such bets win or lose), will be determined based on your participant level in the Marathonbet Club (up to a maximum of 100 points per bet). For example, if you are on the second level of the loyalty program, you will collect 2.2 points if you bet £20. If your bet is £29 on the second level of the loyalty program, you still collect 2.2 points.
  10. The full scale of levels and points are shown in the table below:

    LevelAmount of points awarded for every £10 of qualifying bets placed
  11. Please note, that for the first level, you are entitled to the points resulting from the above table (1.0). For example, for level 1, bets of £30, £33 or £39 all generate 3 loyalty points.
  12. You can advance to the next level by selecting it from the bonus catalogue or by receiving an invitation.
  13. LevelAmount of points required to advance to the next level
    ELITEInvitation only
  14. When you have collected a certain amount of points, you may advance to the next level by using the points gained, as outlined in the table above. Any remaining points after you have advanced to the next level will remain in your balance.
  15. You can only advance to the higher levels consecutively, you cannot skip a level and advance to the next one.
  16. Loyalty points can also be used to obtain other items, including but not limited to, Free Bets, the right to participate in special campaigns.
  17. Loyalty points have an expiry date. Loyalty points left unused will expire in 11 months, starting from the month when they were earned.
  18. When you make an order in the Marathonbet Club account those loyalty points expiring first will be used. Example: In the first month you earned 10 points, in the second you also earned 10 points and now it's the end of the 12th month. So if you want to spend 10 points, the points earned in the first month will be used first for your order.
  19. Marathonbet reserves the right to exclude a customer from participation in the Marathonbet Club without giving a reason.
  20. Certain events may occur due to regulatory and/or legal requirements, technical difficulties and/or any other reasons beyond the control of Marathonbet that result in Marathonbet extending, refusing, reclaiming, cancelling, terminating, varying or suspending these terms at any point. The participant agrees that Marathonbet shall have no liability towards customers as a result thereof.
  21. The Marathonbet Club is available to all customers who can place bets on Marathonbet.co.uk.
  22. Self-excluded customers can not participate in the Marathonbet Club.
  23. You become a Marathonbet Club member once you have agreed to be bound by these Marathonbet Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions when you make your first visit to the Marathonbet Club page.
  24. You can opt out of the Marathonbet Club at any time by sending a request to [email protected].

Last Modified Date: 17/04/2020