How to bet

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To place a bet:

Choose your event(s) and click on one or more prices for the selections in which you are interested. Open the bet slip and all possible bet types for your chosen selections will be displayed in various tabs across the top. Select the bet type you would like to place. Enter the bet stake and tick the ‘EW’ box if you wish to place an each-way bet. Click the Place Bet button to place your bet. A message will appear that says: ‘Thank you for placing your bet’; this indicates the bet has been accepted. If this message does not appear, you can confirm the status of your bet by checking your bet history or by contacting Customer Support.

How do I place multiple bets on one slip?

You follow the steps as above to add selections to your bet slip. If you have selected bets which create more than one tab, you will need to select the ‘Retain Selections in slip after Placement’ tick box, as the Place Bet button will only place the bets in the active tab. You can navigate to the available tabs by clicking on the headings, and then place your bets using the Place Bet button on each individual tab.

What is an each-way bet?

An Each-way Bet comprises two bets, one for your selection to win and one for it to be placed. If the selection wins, you will be paid out for both the win and place bets. If the selection is placed, you will be paid out at the appropriate place odds determined at the time your bet was placed or by the final number of runners. For more details refer to Help Section 9.2. of the Bet Glossary.

Last Modified Date: 16/09/2020