6.9. Reality Check (Live Casino only)

As a long established and responsible operation, Marathonbet endeavours to ensure that we remain devoted to our commitment to Responsible Gambling. If you’re concerned about the amount of time or money you’re spending in our Live Casino, we offer customers the opportunity to have a “Reality Check” pop-up to alert you and keep you aware of the time you’ve been spending gambling in our Live Casino.

The Reality Check facility allows you to set a timed alert to warn you of the amount of time you’ve spent gaming. It can be set from 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on your needs. There is also an option to set the reality check to never appear. By default, the Reality Check pop-up will appear first time upon your login to our Live Casino for you to decide when and if it should appear. The Reality Check will alert you to the amount of time you’ve spent gambling and allow you to either stop or continue your gambling session. It also allows you to view your Live Casino Bet History and change the duration of the Reality Check alert. Please be aware if you change your reality check the entire session will be included and therefore you may receive the reality check alert directly after you changed your settings.

You can change the settings of your Reality Check under your Player Account settings located in the Live Casino lobby which is located by clicking the Settings icon and Game Session Settings on the main general tab. Here you can change the timeout duration of the Reality Check or disable it entirely.

If you still have concerns about your gambling activity, you might want to consider additional player protection measures such as setting deposit and loss limits. See the Responsible Gambling section of our Help pages for more information.

Last Modified Date: 24/10/2016