12.3. Colossusbets Rules

  • 12.3.1 Marathonbet acts as an agent for Colossusbets and all bets (“Bets”) are placed directly into Colossusbets pools via the Marathonbet site (“Site”).
  • 12.3.2 For the full version of Colossusbets Rules please launch the “Sports Pools” tab, click on the ”Help” icon and choose “Terms of Play”. If there is any conflict between any provision in the Colossusbets Rules and the full version of Colossusbets Rules in respect of the terms of play of Sports Pools, the terms in the full version of Colossusbets Rules will prevail.
  • 12.3.3 Colossusbets may increase the prize pool regardless of the total amount of player contributions into the pools (Guaranteed Jackpot prizes).
  • 12.3.4 The prize pool is distributed among the winning bets according to their stakes (the larger the stake, the larger the prizes). In order to receive (or share in the case of multiple winners) a consolation prize the player needs to not successfully predict only one or more results (depends on Sports Pool type). Please note that not all pools offer consolation prizes.
  • 12.3.5 The player has an option to place bets at a fraction of the full unit cost predetermined for the pool. For example, if the full unit cost in a pool is £2, Colossusbets may enable players to place bets for a fraction of this full £2 unit cost. Fractional bets like this will give the player a corresponding entitlement to any dividends payable at the point of pool settlement. For example, if a player places a bet for 50 pence in a pool with a full unit cost of £2, the player will be entitled to a one-quarter (25%) share of any full unit dividend payable in this pool.
  • 12.3.6 The final score for each American football and basketball match is the score after all overtime periods and for all other sports is the score at the end of normal time unless otherwise specified.
  • 12.3.7 If a match is not completed - i.e. the full period of play (so, for example, 90 minutes in the case of football), according to the match officials, plus any stoppage time - within 3 days of its scheduled start date, it will be considered a void match for the purpose of all pools in which it has been included. All selections in a void match will be treated as winning selections for the purpose of the pool.
  • 12.3.8 If any pool is decided on fewer than the advertised number of events, any guarantees or rollovers otherwise applicable to the pool will be disapplied. In such circumstances, the win pool and consolation pool dividends will be declared based only on the net stakes of tickets purchased for that specific pool, although Colossusbets reserves the right to apply a substitute guarantee to any such pool.
  • 12.3.9 Colossusbets may at any point during the game period offer players the Cash-Out option, the opportunity to buy a ticket that is still eligible to win a prize. These offers are typically made between the end of one match in a pool and the start of the next match. Colossus allows players to sell parts of their tickets in 10% portions, enabling you to cash-out part of your ticket whilst still retaining a chance of winning the main prize. Worked example:

    Player A cashes-out a 20% Portion and subsequently a 30% Portion (so 50% in total) of a full unit Live Ticket. The Live Ticket is a correct prediction of the scores of all Legs in the Game Period which proves to be a winning Bet for the purposes of the Win Pool. There is one other full unit Win Pool winning Bet in the Game (held by Player B).

    The net Win Fund holds £1,000,000.
    Win Pool: £1,000,000 ÷ 2 (as 2 winners) = dividend of £500,000
    50% of £500,000 (Player A's retained share in Live Ticket) = £250,000
    Player A’s Win Fund share: £250,000

  • 12.3.10 Colossusbets may offer players the Syndicate ability. There may be a minimum and maximum funding requirement for a player creating a Syndicate Ticket (the “Syndicate Captain” or “Syndicate Manager”) as well as for a player joining a Syndicate Ticket (a “Syndicate Player”). Each player will own a share of a Syndicate Ticket which is proportionate to their contribution and will be entitled to a share of any returns (dividends and cash-out proceeds) from the ticket which is proportionate to such player’s contribution.

Last Modified Date: 25/09/2019