12.1. General Rules

  • 12.1.1 Sports Pools are games where a player places a bet, to predict as many outcomes of sports events in a specific pool as possible in order to receive a prize.
  • 12.1.2 The organizer presents several types of Sports Pools and each type consists of a different number of events, selections and prizes.
  • 12.1.3 The Sports Pools organizer collects all bets into a pool. After all the matches have finished, the organizer distributes the prize pool (the pool minus a small commission for the organizer) among all winning players according to Sports Pools Rules.
  • 12.1.4 The more event outcomes the player predicts, the greater the prize amount that player can win.
  • 12.1.5 The maximum prize of every Sports Pool is a Jackpot that can be won by one player (or shared in the case of multiple winners) if the player successfully predicts outcomes of all events in one pool.
  • 12.1.6 The jackpot is an additional prize accumulated from previous not won prizes or granted by the organizer.
  • 12.1.7 Prize pool, Jackpot size and prize distribution are defined by the organizer according to each Sports Pools type.
  • 12.1.8 To place a bet the player should choose a possible result for every event represented in a specific Sports Pool. The player can place several bets inside one bet slip choosing a few selections from one or several events. Thereby the total number of bets and stakes are doubled, trebled etc. correspondingly.
  • 12.1.9 The total stake for one bet slip is distributed equally across all chosen bets and bets are calculated proportionately to the stake of every bet.
  • 12.1.10 The minimum stake is defined by the organizer for each Sports Pool. For some Sports Pools, the maximum stake is not limited.
  • 12.1.11 Bets are accepted until the start of the specific Sports Pool, usually coinciding with the starting time of the earliest event.
  • 12.1.12 The final score for each match is the score at the end of normal time, unless otherwise specified in Colossusbets Rules (Paragraph 12.3).
  • 12.1.13 The Colossusbets Rules (Paragraph 12.3) take priority over the Sports Pools General Rules.

Last Modified Date: 10/09/2019