8.1. General Sport Rules

  1. The date and start time of an event are purely informative. For bet settlement the start time is considered to be the actual time of the start of the event as determined by the official organization responsible for the event, match, etc.
  2. All bets placed after the actual start of an event will be void. Exceptions are those bets which can be placed during matches or if odds for events are updated during the course of the match, event etc.
  3. An event is considered postponed or cancelled if the official planned starting time is altered.
  4. If a match or a competition is for any reason postponed or rescheduled to start more than 30 hours after the planned official start time, then all the bets will be void.
  5. If a match or a competition is for some reason postponed but is started within 30 hours after the planned official time, then all bets will stand. If it is not started within 30 hours then all bets will be void apart from those instances when the market result has already been determined. This does not apply to events which in their regular course take over 30 hours.
  6. If a participant takes no part in an event before its start then all bets on this participant are void.
  7. If a participant withdraws from a competition for some reason (injury, refusal to play etc.) then all bets placed before the start of the last round in which that participant took part are valid and the remainder of the bets will be void.
  8. All bets are settled on the basis of the award ceremony or the competition’s official score-sheet, without taking into consideration the results of any subsequent investigations or disqualifications.
  9. If a team (player, fighter etc) plays a different opponent to the one which the odds applied to when a bet was struck, all bets on that event will be void. The age specified in a team name is for information purposes only and whilst every effort is taken to ensure their accuracy, any inaccuracies are not grounds for voiding bets.
  10. In case of a match format alteration (number of played periods (halves, etc.) or the duration of a match, period, set, half, etc.), all bets will be void, excluding those when the information about these alterations is mentioned in the event.
  11. In team competitions the following terms are used: Hosts (Home teams) and Guests (Away teams). Numbers 1 and 2 are used accordingly. The exception here is for events whose names contain their venue. In these cases the participants’ numbering is descriptive only and the terms Hosts-Guests are not used.
  12. If a match was played at a neutral venue and this fact had not been announced beforehand then all bets remain valid. If a match was played at the venue belonging to the guest (away) team then all bets will be void.
  13. Normal time is the duration of the match in accordance with the rules of competition in the sport, including additional time but excluding extra time, overtimes, penalty shootouts etc.
  14. Bets on match periods (quarters, halves, etc). Bets will apply to the winner, handicap or total for that relevant period only, and does not apply to who is leading the match at the end of that period. Bets specific to the last period, quarter, half etc, do not include any extra time, shootouts or overtime if played. If a match is for any reason interrupted and is not finished within a time specified in our Rules, then all bets for not completed or not played periods of the match will be void, except in those instances when the market result has already been determined.
  15. Event (Match-Up) with 2 participants. If both participants achieve the same result and а price for the tie is not offered, bets will be void. If any participants do not start, bets will be void.
  16. Event (Match-Up) with 3 participants. If all participants achieve the same result bets will be void, otherwise dead heat rules will apply. If any participants do not start, bets will be void.
  17. Additional information in an event takes priority over the Rules Sport by Sport. The Rules Sport by Sport take priority over the General Sport Rules.
  18. The types of sport and cases for which there are no separate descriptions of any particular characteristics or rules of bet placement and settlement, are subject to the General Sport Rules and General Rules.

Last Modified Date: 27/02/2019