1.23. Betting Laws/ Restrictions

The Company reserves the right to close any account immediately and void any bets placed from such an account if it is established that:

а) at the moment of making a bet, a customer had information about the result of the event;

b) a customer had an opportunity to influence the result of the event by being a direct participant of the match (sportsmen, referees, coaches, etc.) or a person acting on behalf of a direct participant of the match;

c) bets are made by a group of customers who act together (as a syndicate) with the purpose of overcoming specific controls and limits established by the Company;

d) one customer has several gaming accounts (multiple registration);

e) a customer is suspected of using specialized software or technical means allowing automation of the betting process;

f) any untrustworthy means of obtaining information or overcoming the Company-imposed limitations are used;

g) any reason where we believe that the account is not being used for genuine betting or gaming purposes.

Account balances in the above situations shall be returned to the client after the completion of proceedings. The amount of the account balance will be determined without the unfairly obtained revenue.

It is each individual customer’s responsibility to ensure that the personal details provided at registration are correct. Marathonbet.co.uk reserves the right to close, suspend and void, fully or partially, any bets, if the personal details provided are found to be incorrect.

Last Modified Date: 04/06/2018