1.10. Closing your Account and inactive accounts

1.10.1. We reserve the right to close your Account at any time in accordance with these Terms of Use and will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of such closure.

1.10.2. We reserve the right to withdraw the Website (no longer having the Website available for registration and/or gameplay) at any time and will use reasonable endeavours to notify you of such withdrawal.

1.10.3. You may close your Account at any time by contacting Customer Support via any of our communication channels.

1.10.4. Upon the closure of your Account or withdrawal of the Website, subject to any deductions permitted under these T&Cs, you will be entitled to the return of any main balance remaining in your Account.

1.10.5. If, for a period of 12 consecutive months or more, you have not logged in to your Account, it will be deemed to be an ‘Inactive Account’.

1.10.6. If an Inactive Account remains without activity for a further period of 12 consecutive calendar months, the account shall be deemed to be a ‘Dormant Account’.

1.10.7. As per regulation 231 (2)(e) of the Alderney eGambling Regulations (2009), as amended, and given the above definitions of Inactive Accounts and Dormant Accounts, we reserve the right to deduct the reasonable, direct costs incurred by us in maintaining an Inactive or Dormant Account from the balance of an Inactive or Dormant Account until such time as you log back into your Account or the balance of your Inactive or Dormant Account reaches zero, subject to the following conditions:

  • before deducting any amount, we will use reasonable efforts to repay the balance of your Account to you using the last payment method used to deposit funds to your Account;
  • we will send you a reminder, in the form of an email to the email address associated with your Account, at least 30 days before we deduct any amount;
  • we will repay any deducted funds if you reactivate your Account and request the return of those funds; and
  • robust security controls will be in place to prevent internal fraud.

Last Modified Date: 30/04/2020