1.9. Deposits, withdrawals and bonuses

1.9.1 You may deposit funds to an account with us by using the Payment Methods listed on the website.

1.9.2 Interest is not payable on account balances.

1.9.3 You can make withdrawals from your account up to your current available balance subject to the following T&Cs:

  • we may not be able to pay funds back to bank cards; withdrawals will, where possible, be processed by bank transfer, subject to adequate customer verification.
  • bank cards and other third-party payment processors (such as NETELLER & Skrill), may impose limits on per transaction or per day withdrawals from time to time; to withdraw funds above these limits then:
    • (a) if you wish to process such withdrawals by the specific bank card or payment processor that imposes said limits you need to contact them
    • (b) if you wish to consider alternative withdrawal methods, compliant with our regulatory framework, please contact CS
  • for bank transfers to UK bank accounts, the minimum withdrawal is £200 or currency equivalent (save in the case of a final withdrawal to close an account).

1.9.4 We reserve the right to charge a processing fee of not more than £5 for bank transfer withdrawals. A transfer will only be made to an account in your name and such account must be held in a Permitted Jurisdiction. Where you are requesting a bank transfer for the first time, we will require proof of identity to be provided.

1.9.5 In certain circumstances we may look to recover from you, payment processing fees incurred by us. Please refer to Section 1.15 – Fraud.

1.9.6 If, as part of a promotion or competition that you take part in we credit an amount to your account (a ‘Bonus’), then the following rules apply (in addition to the promotion or competition rules):

  • the wagering requirements for the Bonus will be set out in the promotion or competition rules;
  • you can only use the Bonus for placing wagers on our website;
  • you can only spend the Bonus after you have spent the cash in your account;
  • whilst there is a general Bonus on your account all winnings (whether from cash or Bonus wagers) will be credited to your Bonus balance; if, however, the Bonus is specific to a game or category of games then only winnings from those wagers will be credited to your Bonus balance;
  • if you do not satisfy the minimum wagering requirements within the timescale specified (or if no period is specified, 30 days after the Bonus was added to your account) or seek to withdraw any funds prior to doing so, then the Bonus balance (including winnings) will be forfeited;

1.9.7 You may not make deposits and withdrawals to and from your account with us to obtain goods or services from a third party, such as loyalty rewards or vouchers.

1.9.8 You may only make deposits and withdrawals into your account for using the website in good faith and for the purpose for which it is provided and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account if we suspect that you are using your account for any other purpose.

We may also be required by law or any relevant authority to report any such activity and act in accordance with that authority's directions in relation to your account and the funds in it.

1.9.9 Funds at least equal in value to that of active customer balances are held in designated bank accounts, separately from our business accounts (segregation of customer funds), to ensure that there are always enough funds for customers to withdraw their balance at any time.

However, in the event of insolvency, customer funds would not be protected as they would form part of the assets of the business, hence we could not guarantee that they would be fully repaid to our customers.

Further information about customer funds and their protection can be found at the following addresses:

Last Modified Date: 31/03/2020