1.3. Opening an account and gambling with us

1.3.1 When opening an account, you are required to choose your own password. Your login will be your email address. You should ensure that these details are kept private, as you are responsible for all activity on your account, where the correct security information (login, password) has been provided. If you lose, or forget, your login and/or password, or if you believe that a third party is aware of them, you should contact our CS immediately. The methods by which you can get in touch with our CS are shown in the Contact Us tab.

If another person accesses your account due to your negligence (e.g. not keeping your login and password private or leaving your computer unattended without logging out) you are responsible for all their actions and any losses they may incur on your account.

1.3.2 When you open an account with us you are confirming that you:

  • are at least 18 years of age and in any case above the legal age for gambling in the jurisdiction in which you live (see section 1.4 - proof of age and identity);
  • are not restricted from opening an account under the ‘Geographical Restrictions’ section of these T&Cs (see section 1.5);
  • you are accessing the website from one of the “permitted jurisdictions”, as defined in section 1.5 below;
  • are acting for yourself and not on behalf of anyone else and are not limited in your legal capacity to accept, and adhere to, these T&Cs (the only exception to is when you (a) choose to play on our 3rd-party pool-betting platform of Colossus Bets (‘CB’), and (b) form your own betting syndicate on CB as per CB’s T&Cs, which you must accept prior to being able to access the CB platform);
  • are using your own funds that you can afford to gamble with or funds you are expressly entitled to use;
  • will not gamble with us unless you are in a fit state of mind to do so and are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs (whether legal, prescribed or proscribed);
  • are not an undischarged bankrupt or the subject of any bankruptcy proceedings;
  • will only have one account for the website at any one time;
  • have not excluded yourself from gambling;
  • have not previously held an account with us or with any other gambling operator (in both cases whether online or “in club”) which was suspended or terminated due to your wrongdoing;
  • have provided us with details that are true, correct and complete and you will inform us of any changes to such information in accordance with section 4 of these T&Cs;
  • will not use, or allow any other person to use, the website for fraudulent purposes, or to facilitate a criminal offence or other unlawful activity; and
  • do not work for us or one of our associated companies, or suppliers of our gambling equipment and services, and/ or are not otherwise acting on their behalf.

1.3.3 We may refuse services, terminate your account, forfeit the balance of your account and recover any effected pay-outs, bonuses or winnings if, at any time, you are in breach of applicable laws, the Terms of Use or any other applicable terms, conditions, guidelines or policies.

Last Modified Date: 10/09/2019