1.8. Placing a wager

1.8.1 You must exercise your own judgment in placing a wager and you acknowledge that you have not relied on any statement or advice from us or our employees in deciding to place a wager.

1.8.2 We do not apply fees or charges on wagers.

1.8.3 We may refuse or limit the whole or part of any wager for any reason at our discretion.

1.8.4 You are not allowed to place a wager greater than the amount in credit in your Account.

1.8.5 We may set the maximum and minimum stake amounts and these will be set out in the individual games rules.

1.8.6 Wagers do not become valid until our systems confirm that the wager has been accepted and until we have received payment.

1.8.7 For some games, we will pass you to a third-party system. These systems may not provide you with all the reporting information you will find on our main site. Should you require additional wager information, please contact our CS.

Last Modified Date: 30/04/2020