How is Marathonbet best-priced on the Premier League this season?

Marathonbet is best-priced on the overrounds of all bookmakers 21 out of 23 gameweeks 2019/2020 Premier League season so far.

Oddchecker-approved; based on overround percentages calculated on all bookmakers’ prices on Oddschecker for the 2019/20 Premier League season (home/away/draw) between August 2019 and January 2020.

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What are overrounds?

An overround dictates how much values lies in a set market.

It shows the profit margin for bookmakers based on their current odds.

The lower the overround, the better the value for the betting customer.

Overrounds – how they work

Two bookmakers have priced up an evenly balanced market for Under/Over 2.5 goals between Team 1 and Team 2.

Bookmaker A offers odds of 95/100 on each option, while Bookmaker B offers odds of 9/10 on each.

Bookmaker A has an overround of 102.5% for this market, while Bookmaker B has an overround of 105.2%.

If you bet £10 with Bookmaker A and win, you'd get a payout of £19.50

If you bet £10 with Bookmaker B and win, you'd get a payout of £19.00

Remember, the higher the overround figure, the lower the payout for the betting customer.

Therefore, with the lowest overround figure in this example, Bookmaker A offers the best value odds.

Additionally, in an accumulator bet the value increases further as the best value odds are multiplied.

How does Marathonbet compare?

On 21 out of 23 gameweeks of the 2019/20 Premier League season, Marathonbet offered the lowest overrounds of any bookmaker.

On average this season our overround is 102.3% -  which is lower than all our competitors on Oddschecker – meaning Premier League fans enjoyed more value when betting with Marathonbet.